Session is a Social Media and Marketing consultancy run by  Erin and Richard Simons. We grow brand awareness, sales and engagement for businesses across a range of sectors – producing a wealth of bespoke content and delivering results and ROI.

Erin has 12 years of experience at Director-level social media delivery. With a Tier 1 agency background, she has created and nurtured social media teams and consultancy services both inhouse and for the benefit of multi-sector clients and delivering award-winning campaigns.

With 10 years of experience within events, marketing and PR as well as being Head of Department for English within secondary schools, Richard’s understanding of language, its sociological impact and importance within the social landscape is one of Session Social’s USPs.

The Session team expands beyond our partnership. We work with specialists in their areas across all aspects of Digital Marketing including PPC, Email Marketing, SEO, Videography and Creative Media and Events Production. Bespoke and multi-service campaigns can be curated for all brief types and sizes.

You can get our service part funded through one of the many Northern Powerhouse funding providers. Speak to a member of our team to see how you could save upto 40% off our fee.  

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Session will train your team and keep them up to date with what works. We can use our knowledge of teaching and learning to develop bespoke training to help an in-house team further their understanding of social media and the mechanics of making it work for your brand. 

On site one-to-one or group sessions that are both bespoke and targeted to the specific needs of your company will ensure an embedded skill set within your team that will become ready to manage your brand across social media platforms; utilising all their functions.

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An engaged community of brand advocates is the optimum goal for brands. 

Recommendation and reviews mean more than ever, and many customers require an initial customer service interaction before hitting your website or following a call to action. The time taken to read branded posts has shortened, and the window within which to capture attention reduced. Exemplar customer service and management strategies for brands is our bread and butter. This is what social media was built upon and is at its core. With a background in travel and charity communities we’ve seen first hand the impact excellent community management can have upon ROI and performance. 

All too often people mention their attention to detail as a skill they have. In practice, small mistakes can be seen in posts all the time. The negative impact of such innocuous errors is far greater than many realise.  Session provide community management strategies and work with you to develop your brand tone of voice online.


“When I was appointed Chair of EDS UK I found myself at the helm of an established, but struggling, low profile charity dealing with patients, families and friends affected by a seemingly rare and almost unknown medical condition.  

Erin Simons was contracted and advised EDS UK how to spread awareness, educate, motivate both people affected by EDS and medical professionals.   Erin’s cohesive, brilliant ideas and campaigns have produced results that are spectacular.  The reach on social media and beyond has rocketed and EDS UK has never looked back.

Erin remains the social media contractor and is an integral part of EDS UK’s presence and strength.”

Janine Elster (Former Chair)

The Ehlers-Danlos Support UK

“I have personally worked with Erin for almost three years (although she has been doing work for EDS UK for much longer) . She is extremely knowledgeable, flexible and passionate about what she does. It is 100% credit to Erin that our small charity has a strong and respected social media presence. I have particularly welcomed Erin’s campaign ideas and her supportive, professional handling of sensitive or potentially controversial topics.”

Kay Julier (Managing Director)

The Ehlers-Danlos Support UK

“I actually don’t want to tell anyone how good this company is as it’s social media’s best kept secret! And I want them just for us.

These guys are exceptional. Since the first day they came on board the service provided by Session Social has been second to none and remains as such. They give so much energy, capture the brand ethos and DNA super fast and have added major value in such a short time – all while being super consistent. And the most extraordinary part – they get right into our heads so that the copy they write sounds like it came straight from us – I cannot recommend them enough.”

Georgiana Scott and The Hoop Station

“Session Social has increased the traffic to our web site at a fantastic rate.  Enquiries are regular and the rate of conversion to tangible business is very rewarding.

Thanks Session!”

SPC Property consultancy

“Session Social have worked with us as a consultancy and trained our inhouse team. They have delivered a strategy that has helped cement our brand voice both locally and nationally. Without Session’s attention to detail and ongoing strategic support and training, we certainly wouldn’t have the reach and brand recognition we currently enjoy.

Thanks, Session, for all you continue to do!”

Bluebelles of Portobello

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Need to kick-start your social growth? Session Social can work with teams and stakeholders who need to quickly measure results & reach niche audiences within the social space.


erin@sessionsocial.co.uk+44 (0)7967 327 992
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Need to kick-start your social growth? Session Social can work with teams and stakeholders who need to quickly measure results & reach niche audiences within the social space.


+44 (0)7967 327 992

+44 (0)7453 508 208

+44 (0)1642 491 616